General Information

ISsoft, a subsidiary of Coherent Solutions, works here since 2021 and has offices in Tbilisi and Batumi.

Talent and Education

Georgia has a growing talent pool in the IT sector, supported by the availability of skilled IT professionals and a focus on technology education. With approximately 8,000 IT specialists both local and relocated from Belarus and Russia, etc, the country’s IT industry is well-positioned for further growth. The university system in Georgia plays a crucial role in nurturing talent, with collaboration between universities and industry fostering a dynamic ecosystem.

Business Environment

Georgia boasts a developing economy and a strategic location, sharing borders with Russia, Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. Georgia is committed to digital transformation and technology innovation, with the ICT sector contributing approximately 7% to the country’s GDP. As a member of the United Nations, WTO, and Eastern Partnership, Georgia actively engages in cooperation with the USA in many areas including software development sector.

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