Coherent Solutions Office

Operating from Romania, our IT company enjoys favorable taxation, access to a vast talent pool, a globally recognized internet infrastructure, and a convenient time zone, all contributing to our exceptional service delivery in the tech scene.

Talent and Education

Our company’s strategic presence in Romania, the third largest ICT specialist base in CEE, allows us to tap into a rich talent pool of over 220,000 IT professionals. Spread across key regions like Bucharest and Cluj, our team boasts diverse expertise in software development, AI, cybersecurity, and more, making us a leading global provider of certified IT specialists.

Business Environment

Operating in Romania offers us a favorable taxation environment and internet infrastructure ranked 13th globally, surpassing the global average by 41%. Our presence here provides us with an exceptional pool of IT professionals, coupled with the benefits of income tax exemptions for certain roles. Furthermore, adherence to the Romanian RDPA strengthens our commitment to data protection. With technology being a primary growth driver, receiving a yearly investment growth of EUR 20 million, and the presence of local unicorns in key industries, our location places us in the heart of a rapidly advancing IT sector, enhancing our capability to deliver world-class solutions.

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