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Our strategic presence here allows us to directly tap into this talent pool, ensuring we always have the best minds working on our projects.

Talent and Education

With over 298,000 developers in 2022, Ukraine showcases a steadily expanding IT talent pool. It’s a leading IT outsourcing hub in Central and Eastern Europe, hosting more than 1,600 firms that offer an array of IT services. The nation stands 42nd in Kearney’s Global Services Location Index and 4th in its category on WIPO’s 2022 Global Innovation Index.

Internationally, Ukraine ranks fifth in software development. It’s second in the world for JavaScript, Scala, and Magento developers, and Ukrainian developers hold the highest score (88.7%) in HackerRank Challenges. The country also boasts a substantial number of certified IT professionals, standing 9th globally, with over 23,000 certification holders. This robust tech scene underscores Ukraine’s significant position in the global IT industry.

Business Environment

In the face of recent power supply disruptions in Ukraine, companies, including ours, have demonstrated resilience and strategic foresight by investing heavily in power generators and Starlink satellite internet systems. This robust backup infrastructure ensured uninterrupted service delivery, enabling us to meet client commitments even in challenging circumstances. Despite the hurdles, local vendors maintained service delivery levels above 95%. Consequently, the Ukrainian IT services market remained robust, valued at $6.8 billion in 2022. Remarkably, post-disruption, 90% of employees resumed their previous schedules within a month, maintaining productivity levels. We also adhere strictly to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules, ensuring top-notch data security. Lastly, the language proficiency among Ukrainian IT professionals, with 88% having sufficient English skills, further strengthens the sector’s global appeal.

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