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Custom Java Software Development

Custom Java Software Development

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Java web & application development

Extensive experience in java web development, rich client presentation technologies and frameworks such as Play, JSF, Spring MVC, Struts 2, AJAX, GWT, Prototype, Velocity, WebWork, Tiles, Groovy/Grails, and Swing, as well as Eclipse-based RCP and RAP frameworks. We build truly engaging user experiences through single-page applications using HTML5 and modern JavaScript web frameworks such as AngularJS, Knockout, Backbone.js, BoilerplateJS.

Coherent is proud to be an Amazon Partner Network (APN) Consulting Partner. As an APN Consulting Partner, Coherent Solutions has access to a range of resources and training that enables us to better help our customers deploy, run and manage applications in the AWS cloud.
"I found the Coherent team was committed to our success. They were eager to dig deeper to understand our business." Ajay Sravanapudi | CTO at Videology
Videology Success Story

We’re Technology Ninjas

Leverage full lifecycle development services using a wide variety of technologies.

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Coherent has experience using different Java-based application servers and servlet containers with JBoss, Tomcat, and Jetty as the most frequently used. We have experience using WebSphere, WebLogic, JRun, Glassfish and Resin. In addition to Web/JEE applications, Coherent teams have worked on Eclipse plugins, OSGi-based applications and hybrid solutions.

Our team also has experience with Java messaging technology (JMS) implementations such as ActiveMQ and JBoss Messaging, and with portal technologies such as Liferay. Experience developing applications for both private data centers and Amazon cloud (AWS) including Amazon Web Services utilizing VPC, RDS, ElastiCache, Autoscaling, Elastic Beanstalk and

OpsWorks for deployment and management of applications.

Client Story Spotlight

Videology_Custom Java development success story


Coherent Java team starts small, earns way into bigger role by adding value at each step of the relationship.

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Small start-up signs on big mobile providers in Latin America by tapping Coherent Solutions' Java developers.

Data Access

Experience with a wide variety of relational databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL and DB2. These databases can be accessed through a pure JDBC approach or via ORM technologies such as the de facto standard, Hibernate, or MyBatis (iBatis) and enhanced with caching technologies such as Ehcache and Terracota distributed caching.


Our software development team has worked with a range of open source reporting and analysis tools, including Jasper, Pentaho and Mondrian, and has experience creating custom reports using XSL-FO and iText.

Continuous Integration and ALM

Coherent firmly believes in the benefits of utilizing continuous integration and best of breed Application Lifecycle Management tools to improve product quality and visibility into the software development process. Coherent software developers are experienced with running agile projects using Jira with Jira Agile, defining project structure and builds using Ant, Maven (with Tycho for Eclipse plugins/OSGi bundles), and Ivy, and implementing automated builds and performing release management using Bamboo, Hudson, Jenkins, and Anthill.

How we do it

Like anything that starts on a drawing board, developing software products takes planning, orchestrated execution, and constant communication and quality checks

Information Security

Coherent project teams work with your IT and InfoSec teams to assure that your specific security requirements are fully met.  We design a customized security plan for each client to anticipate issues and mitigate risk while addressing any potential security gaps. Read more

Development Processes That Work

Coherent Solutions provides resources and expertise in an accountable process across the software lifecycle including system architecture definition, design, development, testing, DevOps, ongoing maintenance and enhancements. We can do it faster, more productively and at higher value than other service providers to meet or supplement your needs. Read more

Full Stack Technology

Our goal is to help our customers create business opportunities and solve business problems through technology. With hundreds of developers and 20 years of experience as a company we’ve pretty much seen it all in technology. Read more

Software Development Delivered Globally, Managed Locally

We use a team of locally based Service Delivery Managers to enable a high level of connectedness between our customers and our development teams. Coherent’s Delivery Managers are accountable for the customer experience and focus on the only thing that matters — the customer’s success. Read more

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