Growing a business is about fostering trust and relationships, not pushing a product. The goal is to demonstrate the value of your product and build a relationship with your customer. When your main goal is your customer’s success, your own success follows.

At Coherent Solutions, our product is software development and our goal is to build commercial grade, world-class software. That doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It happens in the real world, where
business owners are unavailable when you need input, product managers are pulled between multiple priorities, and development teams are half a world away. This can leave people on all sides of the equation with unanswered questions at any given time. What’s needed is a single point of contact who can manage priorities and address problems – for all sides.

At Coherent Solutions we fill this role with Service Delivery Managers. We took the name from ITIL’s concept of Service Management, which links IT services to business value. Some consulting firms use Account Managers whose job is less about seeing to the success of your project and more about “maximizing” your account value to the firm.

Our Delivery Managers are truly different. As experienced consulting veterans with backgrounds in custom development and project management, they know software development inside and out. And their focus is all about project success. Take a look at the table below that compares typical account management to Coherent’s delivery management. The distinction is clear.

Service Delivery Management Vs. Account Management


Experienced project managers trained in delivery management. Sales people trained to sell.
Deep involvement and responsibility for project. Peripheral involvement in project. Role is to grow business with client.
Full oversight for project including coordination with client and entire development
Coordinate with project manager.
Client advocate who acts on behalf of client, with authority to commit resources, negotiate
financial agreements.
Provider advocate who acts to protect the provider’s interests and maximize profits.
Goal: client success. Goal: provider growth and profitability.