Business Challenge

An apparel company faced two critical challenges that demanded prompt action and strategic resolutions. They needed to access a skilled IT talent pool to ensure technical resource agility, acknowledging the importance of keeping up with evolving technology and achieving development goals effectively. However, the complexities of recruiting, training, and managing an in-house team proved time-consuming and costly. Consequently, they initiated a search for a trusted technology partner capable of providing the necessary expertise and resources.



Coherent Solutions provided a robust solution to address the business challenges:

Efficient Team Collaboration: A dedicated team composed of project management, business analysis, development, and quality assurance professionals ensured seamless collaboration and focused expertise throughout the project lifecycle.

Platform Expertise: Through comprehensive training on the chosen eCommerce platform, our professionals gained the necessary skills to effectively leverage its capabilities, resulting in optimized solutions.

Tailored Customizations: Continuous efforts were made to customize the platform to meet the client’s specific requirements, ensuring seamless alignment with their business goals and delivering an exceptional user experience.

Timely Delivery: By establishing collaborative product teams comprising Coherent Solutions professionals and client resources, capacity was efficiently managed, and timely delivery of milestones was ensured.

Measurable Success: The implemented solution resulted in tangible outcomes, including increased mobile and tablet device usage for holiday purchases, continuous delivery of strategic initiatives within critical deadlines, and the establishment of major new customer partnerships, ultimately driving revenue growth for the client.



The collaboration with Coherent Solutions yielded remarkable results, aligning with clients goals of driving revenue growth and addressing immediate challenges with expert software engineering.

Increased Adoption of Mobile and Tablet Devices: The optimization efforts successfully led to a significant shift in customer behavior, with a notable increase in the adoption of mobile and tablet devices for holiday purchases. Customers enjoyed a seamless and user-friendly mobile shopping experience, contributing to enhanced revenue generation.

Timely Completion of Strategic Initiatives: The delivery of strategic initiatives within crucial deadlines ensured our client’s readiness for the holiday season. This enabled them to effectively meet the surge in customer demand, capitalize on opportunities, and achieve their business objectives.

Establishment of New Customer Partnerships and Revenue Growth: The introduction of the market-leading eCommerce platform resulted in the establishment of valuable new customer partnerships. These partnerships not only expanded the client’s customer base but also contributed to significant revenue growth. This success further strengthened their market position and overall business growth.

Through the strategic implementation of our expertise in software engineering, the Apparel Company experienced increased customer adoption of mobile and tablet devices, timely completion of key initiatives, and substantial revenue growth through new customer partnerships. These outcomes underline the effectiveness of our solution in driving the desired results and addressing the identified business challenges.

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