Business Challenge

Bluestem Brands faced the challenge of inefficient data management, including redundant information and complex reporting processes, leading to confusion and delays in decision-making across departments. They sought a solution to streamline data updates, track changes over time, enable data drill-down, and facilitate the assessment of change impacts, ultimately aiming to enhance communication and make smarter decisions across the organization.



Coherent Solutions implemented a comprehensive solution to address Bluestem Brands’ data management challenges. The solution focused on four key objectives: accelerating data updates, enabling historical tracking of data changes, facilitating data drill-down capabilities, and enhancing the assessment of change impacts.

To achieve these objectives, Coherent Solutions implemented efficient data processing mechanisms, allowing for more frequent and faster data updates. Historical tracking functionality was integrated to capture and analyze trends in customer behavior over time, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making. The solution also included enhanced data exploration capabilities, enabling stakeholders to delve into specific details and uncover actionable insights. Additionally, the solution provided a streamlined process for assessing the impacts of changes, ensuring clarity and transparency in decision-making.

Through these optimizations, Coherent Solutions empowered Bluestem Brands to make smarter decisions across departments, improve communication, and drive better outcomes for their business.



The implemented solution delivered significant results for Bluestem Brands. Coherent Solutions enabled more frequent and faster data updates, providing stakeholders with timely access to updated information for informed decision-making. The integration of historical tracking capabilities allowed for the identification and analysis of trends in customer behavior, enabling a deeper understanding of preferences and the ability to tailor strategies accordingly.

Enhanced data drill-down capabilities empowered stakeholders to explore specific details and uncover actionable insights, such as cross-selling opportunities, customer demographics, and credit levels. This improved data exploration facilitated targeted decision-making based on key drivers and valuable insights.

Moreover, the solution streamlined the assessment of change impacts, offering clarity and transparency in evaluating the effects of modifications. Stakeholders gained the ability to confidently evaluate potential outcomes and make informed decisions to drive positive results.

Overall, Coherent Solutions’ implementation resulted in enhanced data agility, improved insights, and better cross-departmental decision-making for Bluestem Brands.

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