Business Challenge

A dynamic startup in the health industry, faced the exciting opportunity of rapid growth. However, they encountered the challenge of limited resources to sustain their product pipeline and implement customer integrations. Furthermore, their software development processes were in the early stages, making it difficult to find suitable outsourcing partners.



Client implemented a game-changing partnership model with Coherent Solutions to overcome their business challenges. This strategic approach involved integrating their internal resources with Coherent Solutions’ expertise to drive significant advancements in their software engineering operations.

At the core of the solution was the formation of dedicated development teams, carefully curated with a blend of client resources, domestic experts, and integrated development resources. This collaborative synergy maximized efficiency, enabling client to deliver highly customized solutions to their customers with exceptional precision.

Through seamless collaboration and a shared vision for success, client swiftly addressed their resource limitations and streamlined their software development processes. This optimized outsourcing model empowered them to meet and exceed customer expectations, bolstering satisfaction levels and unlocking new avenues for business growth.

The strategic partnership with Coherent Solutions played a pivotal role in client’s ongoing evolution and market dominance. Leveraging Coherent Solutions’ expertise and resources, they continuously enhanced their software engineering capabilities, staying ahead of the competition and driving innovation.



Ongoing partnership with Coherent Solutions yielded transformative outcomes, addressing client’s initial business challenges and driving substantial growth.

Accelerated Product Development: By leveraging the tailored outsourcing approach, WEX Health experienced a notable increase in the speed of product development. The optimized utilization of external resources allowed them to expedite the delivery of new features and enhancements, meeting customer demands with agility.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Fulfilling customer-driven customizations promptly and effectively became a key focus for WEX Health. As a result, they achieved heightened levels of customer satisfaction, ensuring the loyalty and retention of existing customers. This, in turn, fostered positive word-of-mouth and attracted new customers to their platform.

Improved Resource Efficiency: The strategic partnership with Coherent Solutions enabled WEX Health to overcome resource limitations and optimize efficiency. By leveraging the expertise and resources of their internal team alongside the specialized capabilities of Coherent Solutions, they achieved greater productivity and maximized the value of their available resources.

Market Expansion and New Partnerships: The successful implementation of the outsourcing model positioned WEX Health as an industry leader, opening doors to new partnerships and business opportunities. Their ability to deliver tailored solutions, coupled with their strong track record of customer satisfaction, enabled them to secure strategic partnerships with large-scale clients, further fueling their growth trajectory.

Innovation and Competitive Advantage: By embracing the collaborative spirit of the outsourcing model, WEX Health fostered a culture of innovation. Their ability to tap into the expertise of external resources, alongside their internal team, empowered them to stay ahead of market trends and maintain a competitive edge in the health industry.

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