Wildflower is a women’s health solutions company specializing in digital and value-based care. It empowers women and their families to confidently navigate and access the care they need when they need it. By integrating its technology into healthcare and personalizing the user experience, the company helps the entire healthcare ecosystem meet the expectations of today’s consumer, driving a meaningful impact on health for entire families.

Business Challenge

The partnership between Wildflower and Coherent Solutions began in 2012 when Wildflower, a startup at the time, embarked on the journey to develop their first pregnancy-oriented mobile application. To bring their vision to reality, they brought on board a small dedicated team from Coherent Solutions. This was the start of their mission to improve family health solutions and transform healthcare delivery. As their solution gained popularity, increasing demands brought forth new ideas and challenges that necessitated additional support and expertise. As a result, the company chose to expand their collaboration with Coherent Solutions, leading to a successful 10-year partnership aimed at reimagining healthcare delivery.



Coherent Solutions’ collaboration with Wildflower has been one of our longest-standing partnerships, dating all the way back to 2012. Our journey began with a shared mission to revolutionize women’s health by embracing a comprehensive, digitally-guided approach. We kicked things off by launching a SaaS platform and a mobile app designed to support women on their pregnancy journeys. This app not only provided invaluable guidance but also helped identify potential risks and establish personalized care connections.

Over time, our team continued to improve the technology to support the evolving health journey for families across all life stages, coordinating the needs of moms, dads, kids, and aging parents all in one digital application.

Today, our collaboration with Wildflower goes beyond supporting individuals; we’re now support the entire ecosystem - the provider, the payer, the family - with a clinically-integrated solution that is purpose-built to advance more effective, efficient care, as well as the payment models that fuel it.

The evolution of Wildflower’s solutions showcases our commitment to innovation:

We launched the first pregnancy-oriented mobile application, which was a resounding success with 75,000 users.

We introduced a customizable health plan tailored for pregnancy, resulting in a remarkable threefold increase in risk identification.

We expanded the application’s capabilities to include pediatrics.

We launched a completely new product that seamlessly integrated health plans, provider networks, and community resources into a single application, catering to the entire family’s health needs.

We further enhanced the platform by introducing features like remote monitoring, digital patient intake, and robust data exchange systems with healthcare providers and payers.

2022 - until now
Our ongoing efforts are focused on developing a robust enterprise platform that offers a wide range of options, including customizable smartphone applications. These applications enable healthcare providers to build stronger connections with families and positively influence critical health decisions. The available programs cover various aspects of family health, from fertility and pregnancy to pediatrics and overall well-being.

To address this challenge, the client chose to reinforce its development team by forming a cross-functional group of experts well-versed in the latest technologies. Their primary objective was to deliver a critical component of LIMS 2.0 within a challenging twelve-month timeframe. Recognizing the need for a significant breakthrough, the company strategically partnered with Coherent Solutions to address these challenges.


As of 2023, Wildflower’s comprehensive platform offers a wide range of features tailored to enhance healthcare interactions. Some standout features include:

EHR Integration: Seamless integration of Electronic Health Records (EHR) for comprehensive patient data access.

Diverse Tools and Trackers: A suite of tools and trackers, including due date calculators, pregnancy weight gain trackers, baby movement trackers, feeding tracker, etc.

Virtual Visits: Click-to-call features, Q-List, and a message center to stay connected with a health advocate in-between appointments.

Biometrics Monitoring: biometrics monitoring and ability to send aggregated reports to a health advocate.
Smart Content Filtering: Personalized content recommendations from a vast library of 37,000 articles.

Data Analysis: Advanced data analysis tools for anticipating user behavior, promoting relevant content, and generating user-level and aggregated reports.

Security and Compliance: Adherence to industry standards, including HIPAA and WCAG.


The ongoing 10-year collaboration between Wildflower and Coherent Solutions has resulted in the development of not one but a series of groundbreaking products that helped Wildflower transform healthcare delivery, benefiting both patients and healthcare providers. Key results include:

More Efficient & Effective Care Delivery:
8X per month digital use
88% enrollment at point of care
3x increased high-risk ID
38% fewer missed appointments

Improved Quality & Outcome Measures:
22% improvement in HEDIS
20% lower ER visits

Lower Cost of Care in High & Low Risk Populations:
$43k savings in high-risk
$2k savings in low-risk

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