Business Challenge

Daikin Industries, a global leader in designing and manufacturing HVAC systems, faced the challenge of adapting to the Internet of Things (IoT) world. They sought a partner to develop a cloud-based managing solution for their Intelligent Equipment® platform, enabling clients to interact with their products through a user-friendly interface. Discover how the collaboration between Daikin and Coherent Solutions paved the way for improved data visibility, secure equipment connections, and streamlined access to critical information, ultimately transforming the way intelligent equipment is managed and bringing about tangible benefits for businesses across industries.


Coherent Solutions provided a comprehensive range of solutions to address the challenges faced by Daikin. These solutions included:

Dedicated Core Team: Coherent Solutions established a dedicated core team that collaborated closely with Daikin’s Product Owner and key stakeholders. This team ensured effective communication, alignment of goals, and efficient coordination throughout the development process.

Design and Architecture: Coherent Solutions defined a well-structured design and architecture for the cloud-based managing solution. By leveraging their expertise in software engineering and IoT, they created a scalable and adaptable framework that could cater to the needs of businesses across industries.

User-Friendly UI Tool: Recognizing the importance of a user-friendly interface, Coherent Solutions developed a UI tool that allowed end users to easily configure the cloud platform. This intuitive tool empowered businesses to customize and optimize the management of their intelligent equipment according to their specific requirements.

Streamlined Data Migration and Initial Setup: Coherent Solutions facilitated a smooth transition by streamlining the process of data migration from previous versions of the platform. They ensured that businesses could seamlessly transfer their data and configurations to the new cloud-based solution, minimizing downtime and disruptions.

Quality Control: To guarantee the reliability and performance of the solution, Coherent Solutions implemented a rigorous quality control process. This involved conducting both manual and automation testing at every level of development, ensuring that the platform met the highest standards of quality and functionality.


The solution delivered by Coherent Solutions brought significant benefits to Daikin’s users, enabling them to effectively manage and optimize their intelligent equipment:

50% Reduction in Production Cloud Environment Costs: Coherent Solutions implemented cost-saving measures, resulting in a substantial reduction in production cloud environment costs. This allowed businesses to allocate their resources more efficiently.

Reduced Operating and Maintenance Costs: The solution helped decrease operating and maintenance costs for building owners. By optimizing equipment management and enhancing efficiency, businesses could save on expenses associated with maintenance and operations.

Innovation Award Recognition: The solution developed by Coherent Solutions was recognized with an Innovation Award at the Global BEMS Conference. This acknowledgment highlights the transformative nature of the solution and its positive impact on the industry.

Data Visibility and Access Management: Coherent Solutions ensured that all users had access to comprehensive data visibility while implementing appropriate access management protocols. This allowed businesses to make informed decisions based on real-time insights.

Access to Critical Data Points: Coherent Solutions enabled access to 150 critical data points, which were tracked, monitored, organized, and archived. This comprehensive access to data empowered businesses to gain deeper insights into equipment performance and make data-driven decisions.

Secure Connection and Remote Monitoring: The solution provided a secure connection to equipment, enabling remote monitoring, service, and control. Businesses could efficiently manage their intelligent equipment from any location, enhancing operational efficiency.

Through these comprehensive benefits, Coherent Solutions’ solution not only provided data visibility, secure connections, and access to critical data points, but also resulted in cost reductions, operational efficiency improvements, and industry recognition. The successful implementation of this solution revolutionized the management of intelligent equipment for Daikin and served as a catalyst for growth and innovation.

Client Feedback

“It isn’t about just meeting the functional requirements and specifications, but the wow factor is that the other things that Coherent has brought: at helping us look at potentially how we may do something with data lakes or relational to analytics, and that’s the bigger value proposition. We always feel that we are not going to just get what we have asked for; there will be other things that we know you come through on. And that is a great asset to us.”

Paul Rauker
Vice President at Daikin Applied, USA

“The biggest thing that Coherent has been able to do is to get us up to speed in this new market and help carry us along. When I call Coherent Solutions on a project, I am guaranteed to get a good outcome, and I am guaranteed that it’s going to be well thought off, well delivered, and I am going to have somebody in the position to not only deliver a good product on time and on a budget, but I am also guaranteed to have somebody that’s going to be there if changes need to occur and help develop that solution.”

Chad Senger
Product Development Manager at Daikin Applied, USA

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