Business Challenge

The client sought a long-term, cost-effective partner with technical competency, mature processes, and IoT experience. They required a full suite of services for Quality Assurance Automation on one of their web applications. Additionally, the client needed assistance in enhancing and supporting critical applications.


To meet the client’s needs and facilitate their transition to a software platform provider, Coherent Solutions devised a comprehensive solution encompassing various elements to ensure a successful partnership and support the client’s growth objectives.

Understanding the Client’s Needs and Culture: Coherent Solutions conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s requirements, organizational culture, and long-term goals. This understanding allowed us to determine the most suitable staffing model and ensure alignment throughout the collaboration.

Scalable Resource Model: Recognizing the client’s need for rapid growth, resource stability, and optimized utilization, Coherent Solutions implemented a scalable resource model. This approach allowed us to quickly ramp up the Coherent team while maintaining a low attrition rate, ensuring a consistent and reliable talent pool throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Onsite Team Manager: Coherent Solutions strategically added an onsite Team Manager, leveraging their expertise to enhance coordination and communication between different teams and stakeholders. This on-site presence helped streamline processes, resolve any issues promptly, and ensure efficient project management.

Client-Focused Onboarding and Training Program: Understanding the importance of seamless integration and knowledge transfer, Coherent Solutions established a client-focused onboarding and training program. This initiative ensured that the client’s team members were well-equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to maximize the collaboration’s effectiveness.

Onsite Scrum Master/Consultant: To enhance coordination and manage all Coherent Solutions teams effectively, an onsite Scrum Master/Consultant was assigned. This expert played a pivotal role in facilitating agile methodologies, overseeing project timelines, and optimizing team performance, resulting in increased efficiency and streamlined project execution.

Perimeter Access


As a result of the fruitful and collaborative partnership between Coherent Solutions and the client, several significant outcomes were achieved, demonstrating the success and value of the collaboration. Coherent Solutions played a pivotal role in assisting the client’s quality engineering initiatives and driving technology advancements. The key results and accomplishments include:

Development of a Stress Testing Framework: Coherent Solutions successfully developed a robust stress testing framework for the client’s services. This framework enabled the client to assess the performance and reliability of their applications under various load and stress conditions. By identifying potential bottlenecks and areas for optimization, the stress testing framework enhanced the overall quality and stability of the client’s software platform.

Integration of Usability Studies: Coherent Solutions collaborated with the client to integrate usability studies into their product. This involved conducting user research, gathering feedback, and applying best practices in user experience design. By prioritizing usability, the client was able to create intuitive and user-friendly software, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and improved adoption rates.

Implementation of In-Sprint Test Automation: Coherent Solutions successfully implemented in-sprint test automation for the client’s development process. By leveraging automated testing frameworks and tools, the client achieved faster and more efficient software testing, reducing manual effort and accelerating time-to-market. This automation approach ensured high product quality while optimizing resource utilization and enabling faster iterations.

Rewrite of Two Mobile Applications: Coherent Solutions undertook the task of rewriting two critical mobile applications for the client. By addressing architectural issues, improving performance, and enhancing functionality, the rewritten applications provided a superior user experience and better aligned with the client’s evolving business needs. This initiative resulted in increased customer satisfaction, improved app ratings, and a competitive edge in the market.

The combined impact of these results was far-reaching, positively influencing the client’s quality engineering department and overall operations. Coherent Solutions’ contributions not only enabled the successful transition of the client from a product company to a software platform provider but also laid a solid foundation for future growth and innovation. By addressing key challenges and leveraging technological advancements, Coherent Solutions helped the client optimize their software platform, improve customer experiences, and drive business success in the dynamic and competitive marketplace.

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