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Quality Assurance is an integral part of every software development project our team works on. For us, quality isn’t just about testing. Our delivery model is based on a 360-degree quality assurance testing services approach that covers every stage of development.

  • Investigation & Requirements Analysis

    • Determine business needs and business goals
    • Identify bottlenecks, gaps and risks in the product quality
    • Define quality assurance expectations with client

  • Planning & Design

    • Develop and get client approval of quality assurance plan
    • Determine test management & test execution tools
    • Determine QA Automation approach

  • Implementation & Test Development

    • Build QA team
    • Prepare test environment configurations and test attributes
    • Prepare test documentation
    • Prepare QA Automation framework

  • Test Execution & Stabilization

    • Check product quality vs. expectations
    • Synchronize quality assurance plan vs. evolving business needs
    • Validate product stability
    • Run automated test scripts to get fast feedback on changes

  • Delivery & Reporting

    • Prepare product for delivery

  • Maintenance & Support

    • Keep and improve product quality
    • Improve QA Automation stability and coverage

QA Assessment

QA Assessment is an essential process that assesses the quality assurance standards within a project. It plays a pivotal role in enhancing quality, expediting development, and maximizing efficiency. At Coherent Solutions, we offer comprehensive QA Assessment services encompassing in-depth analysis of solution architecture, QA processes, team performance, and testing tools. By implementing the insights and recommendations derived from our software testing services, businesses can elevate user satisfaction, drive product revenue, and enhance brand reputation.

  • Assessment Kick-off

    • Teams Introduction
    • Stakeholders definition
    • Expectations and commitment

  • QA Architecture

    • Business domain analysis
    • Product architecture analysis
    • Software development methodology analysis
    • QA purposes
    • Product roles map

  • QA Processes

    • QA Processes analysis
    • Test types and approach analysis
    • Documentation review
    • QA Timelines vs. Project Timelines analysis
    • Risk analysis

  • QA Tools

    • Project management tools analysis
    • QA environment analysis
    • Testing tools analysis
    • Tools interconnection and integration analysis

  • QA Teams

    • QA team management analysis
    • QA team assessment
    • Product teams integration
    • QA team communication analysis

  • Finalization

    • Reports deliverables
    • Reports presentation

Our Experts

Olga Starkova

Olga Starkova

QA Department Manager

Arthur Gurinovich

Arthur Gurinovich

QA Technical Lead

Artem Moroz

Artem Moroz

QA Automation Technical Lead

Roman Romanchuk

Roman Romanchuk

QA Architect

Ensure Flawless Performance with Rigorous Quality Assurance

Deliver exceptional user experiences and flawless software performance with our rigorous quality assurance services. Our experienced QA professionals meticulously test and validate your applications, ensuring they meet the highest standards of functionality, reliability, and security. Partner with us to gain confidence in your software solutions.

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