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Quality Assurance

Functional Testing_QA Analysts_CoherentSolutions
Functional Testing
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Visual Studio
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Test Cloud
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Improve your software products

We improve the quality of our client’s applications so they function, perform, and scale properly on day #1 of production. We increase your software testing capabilities to the level that best supports your business goals.

QA Consulting_CoherentSolutions

QA Consulting

  • Tools
  • Best Practices
  • Metrics
  • Dedicated Teams
Manual Testing_CoherentSolutions

Manual Testing

  • Functional
  • Compatibility
  • Requirements
  • Configuration Audit
  • Documentation
QA Automation_CoherentSolutions

QA Automation

  • Functional
  • Compatibility
  • Performance
  • Load
  • Web & Mobile

Optimize Agile testing

Coherent Solutions uses Agile methodologies to manage over 90% of its engagements and is skilled at integrating testing into the Agile process. This allows teams to validate today’s work and to ensure that tomorrow’s actions are meaningful without losing sight of the end objectives.

Key components of Coherent’s Agile testing include:

QA integrated into dev team
QA integrated into dev team
Test inside the sprint
Test inside the sprint
Bugs fixed inside the sprint
Bugs fixed inside the sprint
Automated Testing
Automated Testing
Continuous Integration
Continuous Integration
Gated check in, rapid rollback
Gated check in, rapid rollback


A purposeful, proven, and documented approach is the only way to assure software results that are defect-free. As they say, “hope is not a strategy”

Test Management
  • Collect Metrics
  • Analyze & report metrics
  • Incorporate ongoing improvements
  • Manage schedule & budget
Test Planning
  • Test Strategy – a good strategy is product specific, risk focused, diversified & practical
  • Test Plan - strategy + logistics
  • Test Organization – roles and responsibilities
Test Design
  • Analyze requirements
  • Determine coverage – risk based & practical
  • Determine testing procedures: automated, manual, exploratory, load
  • Requirements traceability matrix (RTM)
Test Build
  • Create manual test cases
  • Create automated test cases
  • Define test data
  • RTM
Test Execution
  • Execute manual tests
  • Execute automated tests
  • Record defects
  • Verify RTM
Test Infrastructure
  • Manage environments
  • Manage data sets
  • Configuration & build management
  • Manage tools

Client Story Spotlight

Travel Card QA_Success Story_CoherentSolutions
HIMSA_Success Story_CoherentSolutions
With automated regression testing, my team can be confident that we are putting out a bug-free, quality product that works for every practitioner to be able to fit our clients properly. Angela Pals | Manager of Software Services at Starkey
Coherent Solutions Quality Assurance Service

Coherent Solutions Quality Assurance Service

Excellent Quality Assurance is valued for what it anticipates, discovers and removes. When QA fails, your customers suffer. Bugs are normal and expected in the development process. But superb QA finds and eliminates them to elevate the user experience and maximize business value.

QA Resource

Quality Assurance in BI

When talking about quality assurance in BI, creating test plans and cases comes immediately to mind – particularly for vulnerable bottlenecks like the ETL process

Business Analysis is all about ROI

Business analysis pays for itself by helping sponsoring organization and the development team to focus on business value & appropriate goals throughout the project.