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Maximize Your Return on Salesforce CRM

Salesforce Custom App Development Services

The power of the Salesforce platform lies in its ability to extend the core platform with custom application development. Whether you want to build mobile apps, web apps, or apps that automate business processes from marketing to customer support, our team of developers is well versed in the technologies and processes needed to turn your vision into reality. App Development

Build standalone apps for Salesforce and apps that work on top of your existing Salesforce implementation.  Improve existing solutions. Move existing applications to the Salesforce platform. Provide assistance to pass security review and place applications in AppExchange.

Salesforce App Integration

Integrate with your website, social media, Google analytics, ERP, and other third party applications

Salesforce Customizations

Customize and modify applications based on Salesforce clouds (Service, App, Community, Marketing)

Solution Technical Analysis

Audit potential risks in platform limitations and security model.


Leverage the Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud and third party analytics solutions to gain insight across your business.

Full Lifecycle Services

Following an agile methodology, we will help you plan, design, configure, develop and deploy your app within your Salesforce organization, validating in iterative cycles that it matches your vision and meets your business needs.

Coherent Solutions offers Salesforce custom app development that businesses can leverage to go beyond configuration and reach the deeper capabilities of the Salesforce platform.

All the Power of enables developers to create and deploy trusted cloud applications that are rock solid, secure, and scalable without worrying about provisioning hardware or application stacks. You get the fastest out-of-the-box experience, with tools and services to automate your business processes, integrate with external applications, deliver mobile experiences and more.

Transparent Relationships:

Configure, design and develop communities (customer, partner and employee) using Apex, Visualforce, Angular JS
Design & build advanced customer facing applications with
Create custom layouts using VisualForce and apply complex business logic using Apex and inbuilt standard salesforce technologies
HTML5, AngularJS, JQuery, SLDS to enrich UI/UX
Convert Salesforce classic apps to lightning design
Develop Mobile apps using the Salesforce mobile SDK in your favorite iOS and Android environment or in hybrid apps with JavaScript frameworks like React Native, Cordova, Ionic and Polymer
Increase Apex test coverage
Optimize performance
Package applications

Connect Salesforce with your Enterprise Architecture

Integrations can range from simple utilities to connectors to complex software packages such as ERPs. These packages can be deployed as inherently integrated to other Salesforce products or as standalone software in environments where Salesforce products are not already present.

Use APIs (REST & SOAP) to integrate Salesforce with:

Your company website
Social media (twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
Amazon web services to store bulk data in order to avoid hitting Salesforce data governor limit
Google services including Maps and Analytics
ERP & Accounting systems
Other third party systems

Use Salesforce data integration tools and custom apex code to move data between Salesforce and external systems.

Use Salesforce connect to enable Salesforce users to view, search and modify data that’s stored outside your Salesforce ORG.

Administer Salesforce for Maximum Impact

Sensible use of Salesforce confirmations can significantly expand the capabilities of the Salesforce platform to deliver even more impactful results.

Build custom objects and establish relationships with other standard and custom objects
Management & administer Customer, and Partner communities
Configure approval processes
Defining workflows rules
Configuring Web to lead/case, Email to case
Designing page layouts
Define Validation rules
Configure Salesforce for Lightning
Automate business processes using Process builde
Creating reports and dashboards
Configure security and user permissions

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