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User experience (UX) has a direct impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty. By putting the customer first, UX designers can anticipate the needs of the user and design interfaces that are intuitive and pleasing to use. Through a comprehensive array of UX and UI services, our team helps businesses improve product engagement and turn ideas into reality.
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Core Services

When designing for user experience, you must consider the target audience every step of the way. From research to testing, Coherent Solutions’ UX design services help you learn user preferences at every design stage.

UX Research and Analysis

UX Research and Analysis

A comprehensive understanding of your target audience is essential to create apps that perform as expected. UX research helps you identify user problems, needs, and behavior to guide your designs. Our UX team combines qualitative and quantitative research methods, including pools, focus groups, and customer interviews, to gain indispensable insights.

UX and Usability Audits

UX and Usability Audits

Complicated software is more likely to frustrate users and less likely to gain repeat users. Auditing user experience and usability can help you evaluate your software’s ease of use and make adjustments before launching. Coherent Solutions’ team examines the UX from all angles leveraging tools like audits, customer journey maps, and user testing.

UX Ideation

UX Ideation

UX ideation helps you bring the best solution to the problem by combining the UX knowledge, customer research, and business acumen of an experienced team. Our UX team leverages modern ideation techniques, best practices, and years of experience to turn product ideas into tangible product features.

UI Design

UI Design

Engaging UI design attracts users and helps differentiate your brand. Combine user insights with industry best practices to create effective, user-friendly solutions. Our team optimizes UI to fit our clients’ domain, and we design solutions for various digital environments, including responsive web design, desktop, iOS, and Android applications.

ux design User testing

User Testing

User testing helps businesses validate ideas, identify usability issues, and ensure that a digital product meets users’ needs. For your digital product, Coherent Solutions’ team will create custom user testing scenarios, perform tests with real people engaged in the process, analyze the results, and recommend optimizations.

How We’re Different

Ample Design Experience

Our technical know-how and experienced UX teams allow us to create flexible UI for many business domains. Below are just a few of the project types we specialize in:

Design Thinking Approach

Design thinking involves putting the user first as you create products to solve their problems. We use design thinking to understand users, redefine problems, and find alternative solutions beyond the obvious. Design thinking can help you:

Featured Competencies

Coherent Solutions’ UX expertise allows us to use the tools that are best for your organization. Our UX tool set includes:

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Versed in industries

Broad Experience for Focused Software

Eliminate the unnecessary by leveraging our team’s diverse experience. Since we’ve worked in everything from finance to fitness, we can use industry knowledge to speed up ideation, eliminate inefficiencies, and get to execution faster.

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