The client is a cybersecurity company and the creator of an innovative identity platform designed to enhance security for authenticating users in both digital and physical domains.

Business Challenge

To address the challenges of data breaches and compromised identities in modern enterprises, our client set out to develop a groundbreaking identity platform. This innovative platform needed to utilize artificial intelligence and biometrics to enable autonomous monitoring and analysis of user behaviors in real-time across both digital and physical environments. The primary goal was to ensure that only authorized individuals could access corporate resources.

However, achieving this ambitious goal required seamless integration with all systems to ensure broad compatibility and an exceptional user experience. Precision and scalability were crucial, as organizations needed a solution that enhanced security without sacrificing productivity. To meet these demands, our client collaborated strategically with the Coherent Solutions team to build this cutting-edge solution.


To expedite the project’s completion within the shortest possible time frame, we formed a cross-functional team of 30 professionals. This team included specialists in iOS and Android development, desktop application development for both Windows and Mac platforms, and a dedicated web application unit. The project was organized into five distinct phases:

Phase 1: Project Estimation
The initial stage involved a comprehensive assessment of the project’s scope and requirements.

Phase 2: Proof of Concept (POC) Development
This phase focused on creating a Proof of Concept for the desktop version of the application.

Phase 3: Development and Quality Assurance
During this stage, the team worked on developing the desktop application for both Windows and Mac platforms. Simultaneously, mobile development and thorough quality assurance processes were undertaken.

Phase 4: Bug Resolution & Scaling
Following the development phase, the team addressed any identified issues (bugs), ensured the scalability of the solution, and sought client approval.

Phase 5: New Functionality Development and Implementation
The final phase encompassed the development and seamless integration of new functionality into the project.

The combination of innovative technology and a well-organized approach led to the development of the most comprehensive identity platform in the industry, boasting standout features such as:

Digital Authentication:
This feature ensures secure, password-less access across a variety of digital environments, including workstations, servers, remote access, and network devices.

Physical Authentication:
This functionality simplifies secure access to buildings, doors, and corporate assets by replacing traditional badges while maintaining existing access control policies and readers.

Identity Management:
This feature ensures secure onboarding, supports diverse authentication methods, simplifies account recovery, and provides a user-friendly self-service portal.

Administration Console:
Administration console provides centralized control with pre-built integrations, remote management, usage monitoring, event management, role-based access, and SIEM logging for comprehensive oversight.

Identity Engine:
Ensuring secure access, this component verifies device trust, applies precise policies, and utilizes presence and behavioral models to monitor user actions. Additionally, it adapts access based on contextual risk, thereby enhancing overall security.


Overall, the project has not only met but exceeded the initial objectives. The collaboration between the client and the Coherent Solutions team has resulted in the development of the industry’s most comprehensive identity platform that addresses contemporary security challenges in both digital and physical domains.

The Coherent Solutions team takes pride in contributing to this transformative journey and remains committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of identity authentication and cybersecurity.

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