The client is a global manufacturer and provider of comprehensive nutritional solutions for agriculture and livestock.

Business Challenge

The client offers a range of products and services, one of which involves creating personalized fertilization plans. Previously, employees had to invest significant time communicating with customers, gathering input data, drafting recommendations, analyzing them, and explaining the results to end-users. This process proved to be time-consuming and challenging, especially when providing this service to a large number of customers.

The primary request was to develop a web application where customers can log in, input introductory information, automatically receive a recommendation with explanations, and have the capability to edit it. The solution aimed to streamline the process, freeing up employees to dedicate more time to research and improving the recommendation algorithm.

Smart Fertilization Planning Solution


The solution to the client’s business challenge involved developing a comprehensive web application on the AWS platform, utilizing .NET, Angular, and PostgreSQL as the main tech stack. The project consisted of four key stages:

Stage 1: Pilot
First, the team explored challenges and laid the foundation for the solution by conceptualizing essential features.

Stage 2: MVP and Prod Release
Next, the team swiftly developed and released the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to meet immediate needs in fertilization planning.

Stage 3: Active Development
During this phase, our developers actively improved the solution by incorporating additional features, including an admin panel, integration with various systems, and Power BI, until the final product was achieved.

Stage 4: Ongoing Support
Following successful development, the team transitioned into providing ongoing support. They diligently address bugs, implement enhancements, and ensure the seamless operation of the solution for its long-term success.

The combination of Coherent Solutions’ talent and well-organized approach culminated in the development of a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the evolving needs of the agronomy industry. The product’s key features include:

  • Cost-optimized recommendation algorithm
  • Dynamic explanations of recommendations
  • Editable recommendations for user customization
  • Export recommendations in different formats
  • Automation for loading input data from third-party applications
  • Generation and export of mandatory reports for the US federal fertilization government
  • Integration with maps for field visualization and area calculation
  • Algorithm for testing the ability to mix different products
  • Notification system via the application and email
  • Admin panel for employee management, algorithm settings, and versioning changes
  • Integration with Power BI
Smart Fertilization Planning Solution


The project has brought about transformative changes for the client, revolutionizing the landscape of fertilization planning.

Enhanced Automation:
The solution effectively relieved the client’s staff from the time-consuming manual tasks of making recommendations. By automating complex processes, employees gained the freedom to focus on crucial research initiatives and continually improve the fertilization algorithm. This newfound efficiency not only saved time but also elevated the quality of research efforts.

Competitive Edge:
The solution played a crucial role in boosting the client’s competitiveness in the agronomy industry. The streamlined fertilization planning processes and advanced features have positioned the client as an industry leader, enabling them to not only meet but also exceed their customers’ expectations. Additionally, the platform’s capabilities facilitated a seamless entry into new markets, expanding the client’s reach and influence in the agronomic landscape.

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