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Solutions for Fitness

From encouraging users to lead healthier lifestyles to better connecting sports teams with their fans, custom sports and fitness software can improve your clients’ results. Our solutions support fitness clubs, gyms, yoga studios, professional sports organizations, and everything in between.
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Core Services

Our software developers use their expertise to streamline and improve business management in the fitness industry and empower organizations that serve athletes of all skill and experience levels. Whether running a business to improve community health and fitness or working for a professional sports team, we have tech solutions to fit your needs.

Boosts Workout Results

Custom Software That Boosts Workout Results

Enhance your applications with personal coaching, interactive exercises, and in-app maps that help users find facilities and organizations. We can help you build software that allows users to chat online with coaches and access VOD libraries to learn new workouts and stick to goals.

BI Solutions for Sports and Fitness

Business Intelligence Solutions for Sports and Fitness

Leveraging cutting-edge business intelligence (BI) solutions to provide fitness insights can improve user experience during their transformation. We develop BI solutions that cover most analytics needs, like improving workout efficiency with AI and machine learning algorithms and using motion tracking to improve in-game strategies.

Services for Building Big Audiences

Software Services for Building Big Audiences

Whether building a loyal fanbase or attracting repeat customers, the right software is the key to success. Our custom software engages customers through gamification, interactive sports portals, live streaming, and monetization. Also, our CRM and BI analysis tools will help target advertising for maximum impact.

Sports Organization Workflow

Streamline Fitness Club and Sports Organization Workflows

With custom software, you can create intuitive workflows for mobile check-in, online booking and registration, front-desk management systems, scheduling apps, and more. We also develop custom solutions for property management to ensure site security, manage staff scheduling, and payroll.

League Management

Sports League Management

Develop solutions that aid in team coordination, communication, and management. Our tools facilitate scheduling training sessions, player availability tracking, analyzing player stats, and more. We also implement AI-powered systems and automation to help speed up and simplify operational tasks, including financial management and procurement.

Featured Competencies

IoT and Wearables

IoT and Wearables

Unleash the power of the Internet of Things with wearables. Motion trackers, watches, and heart rate monitors help users achieve better workout results and monitor personal health. Additionally, data from IoT sensors and wearables allow users to analyze performance and improve their execution.

Trending Technology

Trending Technology

Our team stays up to date on cutting-edge technology to better serve our clients. We leverage emerging technologies ranging from VR-based workouts and gamified XR apps to machine-learning powered analysis and BI-enabled progress tracking.

User Engagement Across All Screens and Devices

User Engagement Across All Screens and Devices

Our team has experience in native, embedded, cross-platform, and hybrid development. This experience allows us to develop solutions for any device, whether that be mobile devices, smartwatches, TVs, desktops, or web applications.

Fitness Integration with Third Party Systems

Integration with Third-Party Systems

For optimal workflow, every tool must work together. Our custom applications integrate with a variety of systems and platforms, such as medical systems, e-commerce platforms, and billing systems. This integration allows your team to do more work from one screen, increasing efficiency.

Snappy Performance

Our app developers deliver robust software that has fault-tolerant architecture, scalable infrastructure, and snappy performance. We design our solutions for scale and heavy simultaneous use to allow your software to grow with your business.

Fully Secure Systems

Fully Secure Systems

We organize our processes to ensure complete security at every stage and closely adhere to security standards like HIPAA, PHI, and PCI. Whether you need biometric authentication, smart ID cards, or an integrated gym billing system, we ensure our clients’ software is always secure.

Excellence in Execution

Total Fitness

Whether you’re developing software for a business, sports team, individual fitness, on-field strategies, or client engagement, we have innovative solutions. Streamline your processes and take advantage of our industry expertise to harness the peak of fitness technology.

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