Data and Analytics

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Data and Analytics

We help organizations like yours leverage their data to make better decisions in real time and gain a competitive advantage through superior business intelligence. We have a complete suite of data services that cover technologies like blockchain, data warehousing, and visualization.
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Core Services

The full benefits of business intelligence (BI) can only be harnessed with strong processes and expertise. Coherent Solutions leverages the right tools and expertise so that your data provides insights, not just information. We also help you build BI data infrastructure that is flexible, scalable, easy to maintain, and reduces operational cost.

Road Mapping and Assessments

Road Mapping and Assessments

For large organizations, sifting through data can seem like an insurmountable task. Developing a roadmap will help you define your analytics goals and the actions that will help you reach those goals. The Coherent Solutions team can help you create your roadmap and choose important fact-finding pathways, such as vendors, tools, technologies, methodologies, and standards.

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

Make decisions that improve business results with data that’s standardized, includes historical activities, and is easily accessible. Coherent Solutions leverages data warehousing to build a reliable single source of truth in your organization. Our team can help you better understand the past so that you can make strategic business moves for the future.



If you look at a document with thousands of data points, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to make sense of it, let alone gain valuable insights. Visualization helps turn your organization’s data from incomprehensible data into actionable items. Our team helps create enterprise-level reports and dashboards distributed through web, mobile, and APIs for a message that’s clear to all.

Cloud BI

Cloud BI

Business intelligence improves data-driven decisions by combining many data handling techniques, like data mining, visualization, and business analytics. Coherent Solutions employs cloud technology and major cloud service providers like Amazon and Microsoft to provide flexibility in storing and processing vast amounts of data.



Blockchain is unparalleled when it comes to security. It can be used to ensure authenticity and track data at every point on the chain, ensuring sensitive data is protected. Our blockchain experts can help you with everything from appraising the business value to creating the prototype.

Big Data

Big Data

Harness the power of big data analytics to place smart bets on new business opportunities. Organizations that capitalize on big data run more efficient organizations, increase profits, and improve customer satisfaction. Coherent Solutions helps you intelligently utilize all three Vs: volume, variety, and velocity for real-time business insights.

How We’re Different

We make managing your data simple

Business intelligence is a complex and intimidating field. We help you make it simple by breaking it down into three manageable stages. First, we help you define your data, reporting, and analytics needs. Then, we use those insights to help you choose the right hosting solutions. Finally, we equip you with the data capabilities you need to architect, develop, and deploy your solution.

Featured Competencies

To compete in today’s environment, companies strive to boost their performance by leveraging the right information at the right time. Unfortunately, that information lives in the messy world of disconnected systems. Our team is skilled in connecting a variety of systems and technologies to help you fully utilize your business intelligence insights.

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Eliminate the unnecessary by leveraging our team’s diverse experience. Since we’ve worked in everything from finance to fitness, we can use industry knowledge to speed up ideation, eliminate inefficiencies, and get to execution faster.

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