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At Coherent Solutions, we foster a collaborative DevOps culture that unites development and operations teams. This approach allows us to ensure efficient and reliable delivery of high-quality software. We place a strong emphasis on knowledge sharing, which enables us to provide our clients with professional solutions. By embracing this unified approach, we guarantee the dependable and efficient delivery of top-notch software.

  • Development

    Software design • Coding and branching strategy • Version control

  • Integration

    Automated code builds • Automated testing

  • Testing

    Functional testing • Performance testing • Security testing • Usability testing

  • Deployment

    Automated infrastructure provisioning • Automated deployment • Automated health-check

  • Monitoring

    Performance monitoring • Availability monitoring • Alerting • Reacting to issues

  • Feedback

    Feedback from end-users & stakeholders • Software quality & functionality improvement

Our Experts

Vitaly Skuratovich

Vitaly Skuratovich

DevOps Technology Lead, Azure Cloud Expert

Alexander Simonov

Alexander Simonov

Technology Lead

Nikita Meschanenko

Nikita Meschanenko

DevOps Training Lead, AWS Cloud Expert

Dmitry Nikolaychik

Dmitry Nikolaychik

DevOps Architect

Streamline Operations and Maximize Efficiency with DevOps and Cloud

Accelerate your software development lifecycle and optimize resource utilization with our robust DevOps and Cloud solutions development. Our team of experts implements cutting-edge practices and cloud technologies to ensure seamless integration, continuous delivery, and scalable infrastructure, empowering your business to innovate faster and stay ahead of the competition.

Transform with DevOps and Cloud

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