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Mobile Application Development

Jump To Make Mobility Your Advantage Beyond Devices to Business Outcomes Stay Ahead of Change Apps in Action Mobile Development Expertise
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Make mobility your competitive advantage

Mobile devices have transformed virtually every aspect of modern life, but it takes a comprehensive plan to turn their capabilities into actual business results.

We help you

Enhance existing businesses and processes with mobile-ready content
Support diverse mobile platforms used by employees and vendors
Capture mobile use patterns to recognize quantitative, continuous improvement
Share sensitive information securely

Move beyond devices to business outcomes

Phones, tablets, and mobile applications can create more noise than impact unless they are integrated with a plan that maximizes their unique features. We know how to propel business purposes through mobile capabilities.

Define Strategy

Clearly define and document the business purposes required of a mobile solution

Create Architecture

Determine how to fit the mobile strategy within the overall enterprise architecture, interfaces and existing systems

Select Technologies

Assess and incorporate target platforms, form factors, and dev approach (native/web/hybrid)

Manage Risk

Determine and mitigate risk factors relative to users and technologies

Make applications flexible and convenient

Integrate mobile applications with cross-platform functionality to bring servers or the cloud to the device. Coherent Solutions is adept at full lifecycle development to create, integrate and leverage features in your applications and enterprise architectures that magnify business results.

Check out some of the apps we’ve built:

Jingit_Custom Android Development_CoherentSolutions
LiquidSpace_Custom Cross-platform Development_CoherentSolutions
Wildflower_Custom iOS Development_CoherentSolutions
Life Time Fitness_LT Connect_Custom Android Development_CoherentSolutions
Life Time Fitness Health_Custom iOS Development_CoherentSolutions
Life Time Fitness_Group Fitness_Custom Android Development_CoherentSolutions
Custom Cross-platform App Development

Stay ahead of change

Mobile device technologies, features and functionality are constantly changing. We can help you take advantage of this rapid change without encumbering your business. We apply the wealth of tools to enrich native and cross-platform performance.

Our mobile development expertise

We have the understanding, the knowledge and the resources to help you create your mobile app for

Custom iOS development

Deliver high-quality, flexible, scalable, and secure apps across a wide variety of industry verticals

Custom iOS development _CoherentSolutions

Custom Android development

Create commercial grade apps that can further your company’s multi-platform, multi-device

Custom Android development _CoherentSolutions

HTML5 & Cross-Platform development

Experience using cross-platform development tools and technologies to build powerful mobile apps

Custom HTML5 & Cross-Platform development _CoherentSolutions

Xamarin development

As a Xamarin Premier Partner, we’ll help you fully realize the possibilities of Microsoft’s powerful mobile development tools

Xamarin Mobile Application Development
Define Your Mobile Strategy_CoherentSolutions

Define Your Mobile Strategy

Developing a mobile app requires evaluating risks and rewards across a spectrum of variables that could change and vary the outcome.

Coherent Solutions Mobile Development Service

Coherent Solutions Mobile Development Service

Mobile devices have transformed virtually every aspect of modern life, but it takes a comprehensive plan to turn their capabilities into actual business results

Coherent Solutions Mobile Development White Paper

Coherent Solutions Mobile Development White Paper

This whitepaper covers what technical people need to know to evaluate the readiness of a mobile app strategy and the current and future state of technology for mobile app development

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