The client is a leading healthcare provider known for its expertise in laboratory diagnostics and medical services.


Business Challenge

The client embarked on a mission to improve their laboratory testing services and optimize operations, resulting in the idea of creation of a new-generation Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). The primary goal of this upgraded version was to revolutionize how the company manages laboratory data, workflows, and teams, with a focus on increasing efficiency. However, the project quickly fell behind schedule and required resources.

In this biotech case study, the client chose to reinforce its development team by forming a cross-functional group of experts well-versed in the latest technologies. Their primary objective was to deliver a critical component of LIMS 2.0 within a challenging twelve-month timeframe. Recognizing the need for a significant breakthrough, the company strategically partnered with Coherent Solutions to address these challenges.



Initially, a team of five developers embarked on the task of developing new functionalities. Within a year, this team expanded to include 22 highly skilled professionals who made technical improvements to the solution’s architecture. The outcome of this case is a significant improvement in system performance and stability. After completing the development phase, an extensive bug-fixing process was carried out, ultimately resulting in the successful launch of a critical component.

Encouraged by this successful LIMS system case study, the client decided to proceed with further updates, including the enhancement of libraries and frameworks, addressing any remaining issues, and aiming to deliver the second release within the subsequent month. Not only was this ambitious objective achieved, but it was also surpassed, yielding exceptional payoff.


Through careful planning and seamless collaboration between the client and Coherent Solutions, a series of significant milestones were achieved, transforming this project into an outstanding biotech success story.

Key Accomplishments:

Team Expansion and Expertise: What initially began as a small team of five developers rapidly grew into a formidable force of 22 experts who executed all the tasks with outstanding performance.

Architectural Enhancements: Within a year, the team successfully implemented numerous improvements to the solution’s architecture, resulting in enhanced overall system performance and increased stability.

On-Time Deliveries: Despite the project’s complexity, the team was able to meet tight deadlines. As a result, not one but two releases were successfully delivered within a challenging twelve-month time frame.

New Feature Implementation: One of the standout features of the new solution was a comprehensive support for managing laboratory research materials. This enhancement resulted in a more efficient process for handling histology materials.

Future Collaboration: Following the completion of the project phase, the client has decided to continue collaborating on the development of the next set of system components. This decision underscores the success and trust that has been fostered within this partnership.

Meet Tight Deadlines without Sacrificing Quality

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