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Coherent Solutions brings the power of innovative, scalable software to manufacturing. Whether a company wants to improve its implementation of the Internet of Things, inventory and logistics management, cloud-based services, or quality assurance, our custom software can make your business more efficient and cost-effective.

Core Services

Our international team of developers specializes in creating custom solutions to meet our clients’ unique needs. We pride ourselves on our availability, adaptability, and innovative spirit to provide the best possible customer service and an end product that exceeds expectations.

Manufacturing IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

IoT is a big part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and Coherent Solutions can help you lead the way with custom software. Use AI to streamline manufacturing processes and collect up-to-the-minute analytics to monitor efficiency and alert staff of potential maintenance issues before they become a problem.

Inventory and Logistical Management

Inventory and Logistical Management

Real-time tracking of output and storage capacity helps to set quotas and ensure manageable overhead. Maximize deliverables using software that provides updates on product locations from the moment they come off the line to when they reach their final destination.

Manufacturing Access Wherever You Need It

Access Wherever You Need It

Business never stops, so having access to relevant data anytime and anywhere is non-negotiable. We develop software that gives secure access through cloud-based solutions optimized for mobile, web, and desktop use to provide the most flexible access.

Manufacturing Dedication to Quality

Dedication to Quality

To us, quality assurance is more than a set of tasks — it’s the way we work. Our QA processes ensure client software works optimally from day one and includes consistent communication with our clients’ IT experts to keep software up to date and in excellent shape.

Manufacturing ROI Improvements

ROI Improvements

With superior communication, delivery management, and automation, the ROI of your software will grow rapidly. Coherent Solutions creates software designed for your unique organizational and industry challenges to bring unparalleled efficiency.

Featured Competencies

manufacturing full stack

Full Stack, Custom Development

Our international team of experts examines each client’s complete system to identify areas that are not operating optimally. Whether your organization needs improvements integrated into an existing system or a complete overhaul, our system architects can help design a custom solution.

manufacturing improved

Improved QA

By utilizing industry best practices, our QA processes improve product quality and build trust with customers. Our experts combine automated and manual testing strategies to ensure that systems work optimally — whether we designed them or not.

manufacturing data services

Data Services

We craft our BI solutions using powerful tools and experts with years of experience. Our data warehousing and analysis programs are scalable, reliable, and utilize cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, your data is secure every step of the way, from identifying data needs to architecting the ideal solution.

Manufacturing Superior Security

Superior Security

We apply industry-leading security standards at every stage of our development process to ensure that client data and intellectual property are safe from external attacks. When combined with software to manage physical access to facilities, our security approach completely protects your data.

Manufacturing Proven, Adaptable Process

Proven, Adaptable Process

Every business has unique needs and requirements. We create architecture that incorporates our clients’ existing framework while streamlining their processes with cutting-edge solutions, including cloud-based services and IoT implementation.


The New Tools of the Trade

Manufacturing is an ever-changing industry. As AI improves and the Internet of Things becomes an increasingly important part of everyday business, the companies that don’t evolve will get shut out. The time to take your business into a more efficient and lucrative era is now.

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