Our client, an industry leader in multi-cloud data management, is a global provider of comprehensive data management solutions. Their core offerings include backup and recovery products for desktops, servers, and virtual environments, as well as business continuity, information governance, and storage management solutions. Known for its reliability and resilience against cyber threats, the company supports 800+ data sources, 100+ operating systems, and 1,400+ storage targets while seamlessly integrating with 60+ cloud platforms, ensuring the protection and recoverability of its customers’ data.

Business Challenge

The client faced a significant technology modernization challenge for one of its critical products, which required transitioning from a Java graphical user interface (“Java GUI”) to a web-based interface (“WebUI”) built on Angular. The task was complex and required rewriting RESTful APIs and WebUI screens with limited documentation available.

As the project fell behind schedule, the client made the strategic decision to enlist a team of 35 experts from Coherent Solutions, including developers, business analysts, and project managers, to expedite completion and ensure the project met its goals.


Despite tight timelines, Coherent Solutions swiftly assembled a dedicated team of professionals who understood the product specifics and promptly delivered ready-to-use components to the client. The project consisted of three key stages:

Stage 1: Discovery
In the initial phase, the team conducted a thorough examination of the existing product architecture and evaluated the proposed new approach to create a seamless transition plan. Following that, the team provided a detailed estimate for the expected scope of work and began implementing smaller tasks to gain hands-on experience with the codebase.

Stage 2: Development
During the development phase, the team focused on implementing a new framework for multistep dynamic forms. This framework was designed to simplify and standardize the development of multiple visually similar UI forms. This phase also included learning product specifics by addressing challenges arising from unexpected behavior.

Stage 3: Knowledge Transfer
In response to budget constraints due to global financial challenges, the decision was made to smoothly transfer all completed and partially finished code to the customer’s in-house development team. This transition was facilitated through comprehensive knowledge-sharing sessions and detailed code walkthroughs.


The collaboration between the client and Coherent Solutions yielded significant outcomes despite challenging circumstances. Here are the key results achieved:

Accelerated Modernization: The Coherent Solutions team played an important role in expediting the transition of the client’s core product from a Java GUI to an Angular-based WebUI, reducing time-to-market.
User-Friendly UI Forms: The implementation of the innovative framework, developed with Angular Reactive Forms and other front-end technologies, enhanced productivity by simplifying the development of similar UI forms and became the standard de facto tool for the customer’s in-house team.
Knowledge Transfer: Despite budget constraints, the Coherent Solutions team successfully transferred code to the client’s team through comprehensive knowledge-sharing sessions and detailed code walkthroughs.
Future Collaboration: Recognizing the value of collaboration, both parties expressed a strong intention to resume working together once budget constraints were resolved. This highlights the trust and satisfaction our client had in the results achieved by Coherent Solutions.

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