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Our delivery managers provide a single point of contact and manage all aspects of the client relationship. They are empowered to be client advocates, commit resources, resolve issues, and negotiate finances.

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Open and frequent communication at every stage of the software development life cycle gives you full visibility, ensures understanding, enables innovation, and improves results.

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We’re not just order taking drones. Coherent Solutions team is comprised of well-adjusted, experienced professionals who are ready to fulfill your business needs and help reach your goals.

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Our goal is to deliver in alignment with the project terms and your business goals. To that end, issues, risks, and changes during the software development process are carefully managed so that nothing is missed.

Full Lifecycle Software Services

Coherent Solutions offers comprehensive software development services that cover the entire SDLC, many different technologies, and a wide array of industries. Our proven, global service delivery model gives you the power to scale projects up or down to meet deadlines and market demands.

Full Lifecycle Software Services

1. Ideation

Analyzing the challenges faced by the client’s target user and brainstorming ideas to solve those problems.

2. Discovery

Converting ideas from the first phase into well-structured requirements, concepts, objectives, and technical documentation.

3. Assessment

Studying and evaluating the project scope, possible technical constraints, and implementation practicalities.

4. Design

Identifying the architecture, modules, interfaces, and data storage needed to build your application.

5. Development

Building the software system with the selected SDLC methodology using validated technologies and programming languages.

6. Testing

Evaluating the application to ensure that it meets the highest quality, security, performance, compatibility, and industry standards.

7. Deployment and Integration

Delivering the software to users, incorporating it into IT infrastructure, and integrating it with cloud services or other environments specific needs.

8. Maintenance and Support

Updating, scaling, and supporting your software after it has been delivered to the market.


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