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Together with your team, we analyze your systems and processes to develop high-performing, secure, and reliable business solutions. Our consulting enables us to introduce and evolve technologies without compromising function, capability, or investment.
consult architecture assessment

Core Services

We apply our exclusive assessment tool to gain a complete picture of your architecture’s maturity and outline the essential steps for progress. These steps ensure your architecture operates at peak capability and stays there, in addition to incorporating best practices and offering continued mentorship after the project is complete.

Architecture Assessment Top To Bottom Improvements

Top-To-Bottom Improvements

We assess every part of your architecture to make as many improvements as possible while keeping the process cost-effective. Our top-to-bottom approach includes appraising cost-benefits across evolving solutions, leveraging legacy tech investments, ensuring alignment with key business drivers, and eliminating unnecessary risk.

Plan for theWorst

Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst

Our quality assurance practices guarantee that security and compliance are architecturally integrated throughout your custom software. Additionally, we make availability and disaster recovery a high priority by implementing solutions like off-site backups, redundancy, and security checks.

Depth of Experience

Depth of Experience

Our international team of experts leverages the knowledge they have gained after serving hundreds of customers in dozens of industries worldwide to give you the best possible technological solutions for your business.

Assessment Proven Process

Proven Process

Since no two businesses have the same needs, our architecture development process has been designed to identify our clients’ unique priorities. That process has six primary components: identifying patterns, defining the architecture, performing high-level design, mapping physical architecture, identifying framework and toolsets, and planning quality attributes.

Icons Consult Architecture Assessment Continued Mentorship

Continued Mentorship

To ensure consistency and quality, we continue to work with your IT specialists to maintain best practices and help keep your software in tip-top shape over the entire software development life cycle.

Featured Competencies

Full Stack Technology

Full-Stack Technology

With hundreds of developers and decades of experience, we’ve seen just about everything in the world of technology. Regardless of the tools you need to improve your business, we have the expertise to help you create opportunities and solve business problems through innovative technology solutions.

Information Security

Information Security

We work with your IT and infosec teams to ensure your specific security requirements are fully met. For each project and every client, we develop a customized security plan to anticipate issues and mitigate risk while addressing potential security gaps.

Global Talent Local Connections

Global Talent, Local Connections

We use a team of locally-based service delivery managers to enable a high level of connectedness between our customers and development teams. Coherent’s delivery managers are accountable for the customer experience and focus on what matters — your success.

Manufacturing Superior Security

Development Processes

We provide resources and expertise to ensure a high level of accountability across the software development lifecycle. Our process allows us to complete your project faster and more efficiently to meet your needs and protect your bottom line.


Architectural Knowledge for Your Business

From assessing and defining current issues to providing mentorship after the project is complete, our experts have the knowledge and skills to keep improving your software architecture. Our development process has been refined to effectively trim the fat from your existing systems while maximizing your profits and productivity.

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