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Extend professional services

No matter what your business or organization specializes in, the right team can exponentially improve your processes and outcomes. Coherent offers professional services and development expertise that optimize your software implementation and platform onboarding to help your software quickly achieve success.
extend professional services

Core Services

Professional Services Acceleration


Faster implementation of new software and end-user onboarding accelerates product revenues. Our development teams work hard to learn our clients’ products to extend their team and set up their software platforms, allowing businesses to focus on their next customer.

Professional Services Customization


Every organization has unique needs and requirements. Effective software cannot be one-size-fits-all. Our developers ensure your tech is attuned to your customers’ specific infrastructure, disparate systems, and ultimately provides a seamless experience.

Professional Services Integration


If new software clashes with existing systems, important data and efficiencies can be lost. Coherent ensures smooth product and platform integration into your clients’ technical ecosystems — no matter how complex those ecosystems may be.

Professional Services Monetization


Identify opportunities to create and increase revenue in your software product line. We can help you turn your application into a SaaS offering, adjust seat modeling, and extend its capabilities in tiered offerings.

Professional Services Retention


Identifying customer preferences helps you find product opportunities most likely to lead to repeat business and long-term customer retention. Feature request development and high-quality data analytics result in long-term customer engagement with your platform.

Product Opportunities

Identify Product Opportunities

Your business has built a platform that started with a specific problem or use case. By partnering with Coherent, we can help you identify use cases that extend your product’s capabilities or find new opportunities in your software offerings.

Core Competencies

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E-Commerce Platform Onboarding

Utilize Coherent as your go-to e-commerce platform onboarding partner. As you focus on generating new business, we develop committed teams to fulfill the onboarding process and get your customers up and running quickly.

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Insurance and Finance Portal Configuration and Implementation

Coherent is experienced at working with software platforms in health insurance and financial verticals to streamline corporate client onboarding and configuration. Our dedicated teams become your integration, configuration, and onboarding partner to help you roll out your platform professionally at the scale you need.

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