With brands like Fingerhut, Gettington.com and most recently Orchard, Bluestem Brands is known as a cataloger and online retailer. But they are just as much a finance company, extending credit to over 95% of their customers.

160x177xbluestembrands1-png-pagespeed-ic-agvgqkvverBluestem uses big data to understand and service their hundreds of thousands of customers, and Coherent Solutions has been integral in helping the company capture, analyze and use that data in a business intelligence system. Like Bluestem, the BI system continues to evolve and adapt to a changing marketplace and Coherent Solutions’ staff has changed and adapted too, diving ever deeper to understand Bluestem’s business to continue as a valued partner.

“I’ve worn many hats over the five+ years I’ve been working with Bluestem,” explains Coherent Solutions’ Delivery Manager Lenny Kotlyar. “I’ve done everything from account management to project management to business analysis and even some technical architecture work.”

All of Coherent Solutions’ delivery managers have strong technical and project management backgrounds that prepare them for these multiple roles. It is a vital link between the business and technical sides of any project.

Staying on top of the market and technology keeps Bluestem thriving as they constantly evolve their business. Coherent’s Bluestem team has likewise evolved, scaling up and down as needed over the years, and responding to changes Bluestem mandates.

Currently, Bluestem’s dedicated data warehouse team has disbanded with individuals moving directly into the business-specific IT project teams they support to provide tighter cohesion between business need and technology capability. As the Delivery Manager, Lenny provides the link that makes these transitions seamless.