After five years of increasingly complex development work with Videology, an advertising technology company that uses big data and science-driven analysis to provide advertisers with optimal performance and accountability, Coherent Solutions’ Videology team in Minsk has grown to over 45 full-time people. Between the growth and the challenge of the work, you might wonder how Coherent Solutions maintains its edge with this client.

Coherent Delivery Manager Dmitry Petruchenya, who is in constant touch with Videology’s Sr. Vice President of Engineering, Anand Natrajan, answered that easily. “We keep raising the bar on quality as part of our path to continuous improvement.”

It seems to be working. Recently, Coherent’s Videology team broke a quality barrier for the first time on a production release: 0-0-0. That is, the team achieved near perfection with zero low, medium or high-stakes coding errors. Then just two weeks later, the team did it again.

Dmitry attributes these recent successes to the development team’s deep understanding of Videology’s business. “The efforts we make to dig in and understand Videology’s products and customers is truly a differentiator for us,” he said.  “We always ask ourselves how an update or change can make the user experience better.”

Between the oversight and attention that Dmitry gives Videology, and the development teams’ solid processes, which include each developer thoroughly testing his/her code upon completion, quality will continue to improve at Videology. That’s a bar everyone wants to keep raising.